October 18, 2007

Smoking, healthier than fascism.

Want to know how to get a team of police officers rushing to your aid? No, don't try reporting a burglary. Report somebody for smoking.

Perhaps smokers should claim that they have no responsibility over their actions and claim that everybody else must take responsibility for them, they would have a better case for this than people that are merely fat. Then they could enjoy a, carefully monitored and proscribed, puff measured out for them by a government official just as the state is edging towards the careful controlling of the food we eat as we are no longer deemed responsible enough to do it ourselves. Queue up a 6 pm for your standard issue of gruel (you wouldn't want any food inequality now would you?) Everybody getting the same carefully calculated measure of slop. Unless the slop slingers have decided to go on strike in which case you would have to go hungry, or face being arrested and face the next few days having every inch millimeter of your anatomy intimately recorded in a government database, and then taken by identity fraudsters because the database contract didn't include any security at all. Every citizen having to dine in a government sanctioned mess, fanciful? Not with the way that Labour pries deeper and deeper into peoples private lives. Not unprecedented either, it was the system used by the Spartans and as one Athenian once noted the reason that they where so unafraid of death, death was better than a life of socialist cooking.


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